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    - Novi KAST is working towards expanding KAST to other branches throughout Michigan and Elementary and Middle Schools in the area
    - To strengthen youth’s passion for science, by not only creating fascinating lesson plans, but by emphasizing the use of science in everyday life, regardless of future career interests

Currently, Shruti Gumate is branch leader of Novi KAST in Michigan. In the first founding year, KAST was only available to one branch in Michigan, teaching at only one school. However, moving into the second year, Shruti was determined to reach more kids as every class that was taught, had reached maximum capacity. KAST is now available at two branches in Michigan and a total of 3 schools, with more to follow in the coming year.

Shreya Gumate first founded the branch in August 2015, she heard about KAST through a close friend, and was inspired to start in her area, as KAST united the two things she loved most; service and STEM.
KAST in Michigan currently operates at Novi High School and Northville High School.

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