KAST California


Allan Wu founded the first KAST branch in California in 2015 after hearing about KAST from Matthew Sun. Since then, California has been one of the fastest growing regions, reaching over 100 elementary school students. Through hands-on, interactive science lessons, KAST California focuses on preserving curiosity and creativity in STEM education and wants to remind its students that science and fun often go hand in hand. KAST California currently teaches on a semester-system at all its elementary schools. Looking forward, the California branch is seeking expansion outside the Bay Area, increased efforts in volunteering and fundraising, and opportunities to leverage tech resources from the Silicon Valley.




Branch expansion, increased volunteering and fundraising efforts, leveraging tech environment in silicon valley


Branch Leaders

KAST Cupertino Branch Leaders

Raeed, Arnav, and Mukund

Cupertino High School

Raeed, Arnav, and Mukund co-lead the Cupertino Branch of KAST. All three of them attend Cupertino High School, and are passionate about participating in FIRST Robotics - which is how they were introduced to KAST! Ever since then, they have come to love participating in KAST and passing on the passion for science to young elementary schoolers, as it gives them a chance to inspire and make an impact.