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Every year, we’re serving hundreds of elementary school students and creating thousands of community service hours. Whether you want to make a difference in a child’s life, give back to your community in a meaningful way, or just have fun, starting your own branch of KAST is the way to go.

Join a community

We at KAST have been excited and motivated by our growth across the nation. We are always welcoming new members from all corners of the US and even around the world.

Initial Meeting

Once you reach out, we will set up a meeting between the CEO, COO, and you. We will go over a concise presentation outlining immediate and long-term goals. The entire KAST Executive Team is here to support you!

Lesson Plans

After we have established your interest, we will give you access to the executive team files, including the 50+ original lesson plans created and written by KAST volunteers over 5 years.

Your ideas

Whatever new initiatives or ideas you have to further the mission of delivering quality STEM education to underserved populations, the KAST network is ready to help and support you to get your idea off the ground!


KAST National promises to support you in every way. That means publicity, donations, our in-house Mentorship program, professionally starter documents to help you get started, and more!

Contact Us

If you would like to meet with us, get involved, have questions, or if KAST is already in your state (Virginia, Maryland, Utah, New York, Washington, North Carolina), please fill out the Contact Us form or email


Simply fill out the form in order to get started with your new branch. We’ll get back to you ASAP, and you’ll be on your way to improving youth science education for those who need it most!