KAST Virginia


KAST Virginia was the second branch to open and was founded by Jessica Sun in 2011. Now at 12 high schools in 2015, KAST Virginia was the first region to break the double digits in the number of high school branches and remains the largest region of KAST today! KAST Virginia is also very excited to announce that we were part of a pilot program called myX2VOL, Fairfax County’s new effort to help manage high school volunteerism online. It allows organizations to create events online which high school students are easily able to sign up for. myX2VOL also allows high schoolers to easily track their community service hours through the county. A session of KAST was also filmed by Fairfax County at Annandale Terrace Elementary School, and we can’t wait for Fairfax County to release video in a special feature on KAST! Right now, our main goal is to expand further into southern Virginia, so we can fully impact a large portion of the state and increase our organization’s visibility. It also should be noted that southern Virginia contains more rural areas than northern Virginia, and as a result, access to science education is often hindered in those areas. We’re excited to have Godwin HS and Liberty HS join us this year to promote science education in Southern Virginia.




Expand to Southern Virginia, obtain official county sponsorship, hold yearly KAST camps, be the largest KAST region!


Branch Leaders

Bharath Virginia KAST President

Bharath Dileepkumar

Virginia KAST President