Nihar Thakkar

Chief Administration Officer

Nihar is currently a senior at Green Hope High School in North Carolina. He had heard about KAST from a friend and was amazed by his experiences. Nihar was motivated by his own passion for science and decided to found the KAST club at Green Hope. In the two years KAST has been operating at Green Hope, Nihar and the 65+ club members volunteered at two elementary schools, working on a bi-weekly basis. Now entering his third year of KAST, Nihar and Green Hope KAST have implemented a virtual platform with the use of a structured module system so that the spirit of KAST runs on! Nihar is excited to take on the new role of Chief Administrations Officer on the National KAST Executive Board. He is determined to make the same impact he already made at the local/state levels to now the national level.

  • School Green Hope High School